Soya Chunks Assure

  • Description Soya chunks is a defatted soya bean product, a by-product of extracting soybean oil. It is often used as a substitute for meat. You can prepare a lot of recipes with soya chunks. Soya chunks with pasta perked up with mixed herbs is truly delicious. The soybean is valued for its high protein content. Soybeans are an exceptional source of essential nutrients, providing in a 100 gram serving (raw, for reference) high contents of the Daily Value (DV) especially for protein (36% DV), dietary fiber (37%), iron (121%), manganese (120%), phosphorus (101%) and several B vitamins, including folate (94%) (table). High contents also exist for vitamin K, magnesium, zinc and potassium. Soya Chunks Assure is the good quality soya chunks exclusively brought to you by, processed and packed in hygienic conditions.