Masoor Gola Assure

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  • Description Masoor Dal is made from a small, brown-skinned lentil that reveals a reddish-orange colored interior after it is hulled and split. Lentils/Masoor Dal have the second-highest ratio of protein per calorie of any legume, after soybeans. Masoor dal is relatively quick-cooking among the different types of dal. Rice and lentils are also cooked together in khichdi, a popular dish in the Indian subcontinent. Boiled Masoor dal is used to thicken most vegetarian curries. They are also used as stuffing in dal parathas and Poori. Masoor dal is also used in many regional varieties of sweets as well. Masoor Gola Assure is the good quality gram dal exclusively brought to you by, processed and packed in hygienic conditions.