Rajgara Atta Assure

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  • Description Rajgira flour is made from the seeds of the amaranth plant. Amaranath, is good for reducing internal heat and it is chosen widely during summer days. The rajgira flour is usually made into chappatis, parathas or rotis and served with vegetables. You can also make chikki (sweet bar) or ladoos with popped rajgira seeds. It is high in fibre and iron, with a fairly high protein level as well. This makes it well suited to be used as a staple starch. Rajgira flour is also rich in calcium and antioxidants. There are various recipes made with rajgira atta for fasting (phalahar) in festivals like Navratri, Durga Pooja, Janmashtami, Shiv Ratri, Ekadashi etc in North India. ‘Rajgara Atta Assure’ is premium class amaranth flour, which is properly processed and packed in hygienic conditions.