Dry Fruits Lion Deseeded Wet Dates Refil

  • Description Lion Deseeded Wet Dates Refill is a premium quality product from the well known 'Lion'. With a view to making the consuming of dates one step easier, Lion Dates Impex Ltd launched Deseeded Dates. Enjoy the juicy taste of Zahidi dates, with the same amount of nutrition and health benefits as the seeded ones, but a lot more consumer friendly. These dates are vacuum packed to retain the original freshness until the pack is opened, thereby increasing the longevity of the product. A pioneer of Fine Quality and Modern Packaging of Dates, Lion Dates Impex Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:22000 certified company with its objective – to introduce high quality products to existing as well as to the new market. As the name suggests Lion Deseeded Wet Dates Refill doesnot contain seeds in them.