Nylon Sagoo Small Assure

  • Description Sago/Sabudana is a processed, ready to cook agricultural food product. The only raw material for manufacturing Sabudana is “tapioca root” internationally known as “cassava”. Sago is typically small (about 2 mm diameter) dry, opaque balls, white in colour. When soaked and cooked, it become much larger, translucent, soft and spongy. For infants and sick persons or during fasts (vrata-upawas), Sabudana is considered an acceptable form of nutrition . It is rich in complex carbohydrates, digests slowly, and thus, does not give any feelings of empty stomach. Sago is used in a variety of dishes such as desserts like “kheer” or Khichadi, vada, bonda etc. Nylon Sago Small Assure is the good quality Sago/Sabudana exclusively brought to you by urdoorstep.com, processed and packed in hygienic conditions.