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Red Cabbage (Apx. 400gm to 500gm)

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Red Cabbage 1Pc/Pack (Approx 400gm To 500gm)
  • Description Red cabbages are a particular varity cabbages which contains high amount of potassium.Cabbage is a leafy vegetable. It is a widely used salad ingredient. Cabbage contains energy providing calories and contains zero percentage of fat. Cabbage contains vitamins like vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and vitamin K. Vitamin C helps to boost bone health, blood vessels and it also helps the body to absorb iron. It is also essential for wound healing and help to improve brain function. Vitamin B6 is very important for brain function and nerve functions. It is also responsible for the function of red blood cell generation. Vitamin K is required for blood coagulation and it also helps to transfer calcium in bone and other tissues. It also provides minerals like iron, calcium and magnesium. Cabbage contains beneficial elements which prevent health disorders like headaches, obesity, skin rashes, jaundice, arthritis, aging and Alzheimer’s disease.